Mrs. Ruthy Leviev Yelizarov

Mrs. Ruthy Leviev Yelizarov

Businesswomen, Entrepreneur, Second Generation, The Lev Leviev Family

Ms. Ruthy Leviev - Businesswomen, Entrepreneur and Second Generation of the Leviev Family.

Ruthy is the daughter of businessman and philanthropist Lev Leviev.

Even though she bears a well-known family name, Ruthy has made herself known for a number of important projects she has undertaken, even though she is also involved in her father's business.

Ruthy recently launched an organization for Jewish women by Jewish women, named "She'asani Isha".

“She-asani isha”was established in order to  be a home for every women wanting to learn or consult about  femininity, relationships and sexuality in light of Judaism

Ruthy is also a marriage and relationship counselor and has her own clinic where she receives couples for therapy sessions. She is also a mother to seven children and lives in the Savion area in Israel.