Mr. Tehila Yanai

Mr. Tehila Yanai

Joint Managing Director, CofaceBDI

Tehila, together with Eyal Yanai and Amnon Altman, established BDI in 1990 and since then has served as the company's joint managing director.

CofaceBdi has become the market leader in business, consumer and marketing information serving thousands of businesses clients involved with management  of credit and purchasing.

CofaceBdi,  a subsidiary of COFACE –  a world leader in credit insurance and foreign trade credit insurance.

Tehila has vast experience in managing diversified business fields, in analysis and accompanying of companies and businesses.

Tehila  has been a lecturer in the faculty of economics of The University of Tel Aviv for over ten years, and has served in senior management functions in the development of business projects, and in establishing, managing and marketing of projects in commercial and industrial fields.

In addition, Tehila has served as a public director in the following companies: "Construction and Development" (of the Building and Construction" group), in "Hargaz" and in "Pilat".

Tehila graduated with honors with first and second degrees in economics from Tel Aviv University.

Tehila is married to Eyal Yanai, jointly managing Coface Bdi, and they have 3 3 children