Dr. Ole Mensching

Dr. Ole Mensching

Co-Founder & General Partner, Apollo Health Ventures


Ole is founding partner at Apollo Ventures a biotech VC focusing on therapeutics against age related diseases and aging itself.

Before initiating Apollo, Ole has started his career as the third employee of TruVenturo, a company builder that has built a company portfolio (i.a. Finanzcheck, HomeToGo, Dreamlines) of over 1 billion dollars market cap since.

Ole was responsible for building the teams for the portfolio companies of TruVenturo and is following this route at Apollo Ventures.

Apart from his company building activities and before focusing on Apollo, Ole has founded CareerTeam, Europe's leading headhunting agency for the digital industry.

CareerTeam has 5 offices in 4 European countries and a head count of 160 employees.