Mr. Harry J.F. Bloomfield, QC, LL.B., M.B.A.

Coming from a deeply Zionist family, Harry is a graduate of McGill University, the french-language Université de Montréal law school and Harvard Business School. Family wealth began in Western Canada oil exploration. He was a commercial banker on Wall Street with Schroders, then joined his family office in Montreal where he leads Bloomfield & Avocats, a law firm specializing in international business transactions; and is President of the Eldee Foundation, a Canadian Charitable Foundation which has established important projects in Canada and Israel since the late 1950’s. He is most proud of the 18 Reshet Amal schools built in the name of Lady Davis and of his late father and uncle; the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem; the Bloomfield Stadium; and many other programs with the Hebrew University, Ben Gurion of the Negev, Tel Aviv University and the Technion where he sits, at the last two, on their Board of Governors. Harry was a commissioner of the Quebec Securities Commission, also for many years a board member of the Business Development Bank of Canada and has sat on numerous corporate boards both public and private. With his first-and-only wife Nancy he has three sons – Jon with an MBA from TAU; Andrew an MD from TAU and James who spent 18 months working for Stand With Us in Jerusalem.

Because of a long and deep family relationship with the Keren Kayemet, the moshav SDE NITZAN was named in honor of his family – SDE meaning field, and NITZANIM meaning blooms!

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Mr. Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien III

“I was raised with a respect for education, public service, and commerce. To leave the world a better place. To contribute to society in politics or business or literature. To make a difference.”


Harvard MBA

Wharton School of Business Investment Analyst Program

Core strengths

  • Holds close ties to local, provincial and federal governments in Canada, one of the world’s most stable and entrepreneurial business environments
  • Identifies trends and opportunities well ahead of the mainstream
  • Successfully commercializes undervalued businesses and products
  • Develops niche strategies to allow B2B companies to dominate their industry
  • Possesses considerable experience in navigating diverse industries and volatile markets


Family and roots matter greatly. The de Gaspé Beaubien clan has over 400 years of developing business and contributing to society in both Canada and the United States. De Gaspé Beaubiens were not only among the earliest inhabitants of Quebec City and Montreal, they were also present at the founding of Detroit and Chicago, with others extending the family name to the Midwest and down to New Mexico.

Successive generations of the family have started diverse businesses, while also serving social causes through philanthropic endeavors. Philippe’s mother Nan-b has served as director for a number of large corporations, and is a family enterprise expert. His father, Philippe II, has held a number of high-profile roles, including as the Operations Director behind the hugely successful Expo 67 in Montreal, still considered one of the greatest world fairs.


As President and CEO of the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation, and through his travels and participation in various global organizations, Philippe has developed an extensive network of families, foundations and private trusts around the world – gaining access and partnerships for his companies in new markets around the world

He has close ties to the local, provincial and federal governments in Canada. Obtaining financial and political support is one of his key strengths. His family obtained the first cellular license for Canada and the cellular company they created subsequently became the largest in the country. They also acquired the first satellite broadcasting license to distribute content to Canadian communities, and 10 years later received 1G of spectrum for commercial development, the largest amount of spectrum ever given to the private sector.


Starting or acquiring companies before they become mainstream, Philippe has had a direct hand in areas as diverse as cellular phones and towers, radio station consolidation, broadband wireless expansion, spirits, data mining and anti-aging products companies. His investments span these industries and more, including Zoom, Biomod, Nannette de Gaspé, SonoFit, EERS, PUR, Starlink, Jobbook, and TechTown. <add hyperlinks to each, but not if this will only appear as a paper document>

He develops niche strategies for B2B companies that allow them to dominate their industry, with added forays into the B2C market where attractive opportunities exist.


Philippe is an accomplished entrepreneur and has been involved in 15 start-ups and turn-arounds over the past 20 years. He understands entrepreneurs, embraces technology, and is highly aware of the need for sufficient funding at the growth stage. He is accomplished at finding companies that possess a key product but have not been able to commercialize it effectively.

He rates these areas of the Canadian business environment as being particularly attractive for growth and investment potential: Pharma, ICT, Wellcare, FinTech, Agri-Food and Cleantech.


On top of his many successful ventures, Philippe has lived through several significant industry collapses in the last 17 years. He navigated his investments through the dotcom and telecom collapses of the early 2000’s and the debt crisis of 2008-09, suffering inevitable losses but also managing to multiply his ROI on a number of occasions.

Notable successes include his move to privatize Telemedia, a multimedia company, producing a 15X ROI, and his founding of Redline, a telecom company now operating in 60 countries and considerable upside.

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Mr. Oded Tal

As the Managing Partner of Claridge Israel, Oded is responsible for both its operations and investment activities. Oded has over 20 years of transaction experience, varying from principal investments to investment banking.
Between 2000 and 2008 Oded held the position of Vice President of Investments/CIO with Claridge Inc., the reputable, Montreal based, Bronfman Family office where he managed a diverse, international, direct investment, private equity and hedge fund investment portfolio.
Following his return to Israel, Oded then went on to become an advisor to various Family Offices on private equity and other alternative investments and the Managing Partner of an Israel focused investment fund, sponsored by a leading European investment firm.

Between 2011 and 2015, Oded was Managing Director and Head of M&A at Leumi Partners, Israel’s leading merchant and investment banking group, where apart from executing transactions across multiple industries, he substantially expanded the firm’s international capabilities.

Oded also practiced law in the fields of M&A and private equity with two leading Tel Aviv law firms, and holds an MBA from McGill University and an LL.B. from Israel’s College of Management.

Oded serves on the Board of Directors of Unistream , an organization that business mentors underprivileged teens. Until 2018 Oded served on the Board of Directors of Leket Israel, Israel’s largest food bank and food rescue network.

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Prince Dr. Lorenzo de’ Medici

Dr. Lorenzo de’ Medici is a true modern Renaissance man. Born in Calabria region of Italy and having lived in the US, Russia, and several European countries, he speaks six languages, is a prolific author and artist, and holds advanced degrees in Political Science, Finance, International Communications and Business, and MBA in Fashion and Luxury Goods. As a descendent of the historic de’ Medici family, he is the President of the Medici Family Office.

Lorenzo is a Board Member of 6 international companies, the owner of one of the oldest engineering real estate firms in Europe, has worked with Italian companies on trade business models, acted as Business Intelligence Manager for Ferrari Shop, and advanced technology firm amongst many philanthropic and cultural leadership roles.

An innovative thought leader, he worked with partners from American Express and Fidor Bank to launch the new Medici Bank in USA Puerto Rico.  As Director of the Bank Medici , he’s intent on generating a seamless digital customer experience and reduce friction in transactions and eliminate inefficiencies in banking leveraging blockchain technology. His passion is art, but his business focus is Finance, and his international vision and innovative spirit brings tremendous value and distinctiveness to the different company he is on Board .

He is an early investor  and an active consult member in many incredible mega trend new companys as

Cirus Foundation , Cubera , Medici Automotive industries

Lorenzo is one of the founder of Beneventure Partners an accelerated VC found in partnership with Gil d’ Amelio ex ceo of Apple .


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