Mr. Jon Medved


Jonathan Medved is a serial entrepreneur and according to the Washington Post (Dec 5, 2007) “one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capitalists”.  September 2008, the NY Times Supplement “Israel at 60” Medved was named one of the “top 10 most influential Americans who have impacted Israel”. In May 22, 2015 Edition of the Jerusalem Post, Medved was named one of the World’s “50 most influential Jews”.

Medved currently is the founder and CEO of OurCrowd, the leading global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors and angels. OurCrowd, according to Forbes (August 13, 2013) is “one of the largest crowdfunding organizations on the planet”. OurCrowd has $1B in commitments and has made investments in 170 companies and funds and 30 exits since its launch in February 2013. OurCrowd exits include: Jump Bikes sold to Uber, Briefcam sold to Canon, Argus sold to Continental, Crosswise sold to Oracle, and Replay sold to Intel. Bloomberg Business week said in the May 7, 2015 edition that “OurCrowd is hands down the most successful equity-crowdfunding platform in the world right now.” described OurCrowd as “Crowdfunding for Real Investors.”

Medved has been both an entrepreneur and investor: He has been part of the founding teams at several successful Israeli startups, and as a venture and angel investor over the past two decades he invested in almost 250 startup companies, helping to bring 25 of them to values in excess of $100Million.

Between 2006-2012, Medved was the co-founder and CEO of Vringo, a leader in the innovation, development and monetization of mobile technologies and intellectual property. Medved led Vringo to a successful completion of its IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the NYSE:AMEX in June, 2010 and it trades today on the NASDAQ under the symbol FH.

Before founding Vringo, Medved was the founder and General Partner of Israel Seed Partners, one of Israel’s leading venture capital funds. Started by Medved in 1995 in his garage; he co-managed the fund until January 2006.  His partners at Israel Seed included Neil Cohen, Michael Eisenberg (Benchmark, Aleph) and Alan Feld (Vintage). Israel Seed had $262M under management in four funds and has been an investor in 60 leading Israeli companies. Israel seed Exits include: (acquired by Ebay), Compugen (Nasdaq: CGEN), (Nasdaq: ANSW, acquired by Summit), Cyota (acquired by RSA/CA), Finjan (Nasdaq: FNJN ),  Mobile Access (acquired by Corning), Tradeum (acquired by VerticalNet), Native Networks (acquired by Alcatel), Broadlight (acquired by Broadcom), Xacct (acquired by Amdocs), Business Layers (acquired by CA), Xtellus (acquired by Oclaro), and Digital Fuel (acquired by VMWare). 

Prior to Israel Seed, Medved built several successful technology startups. Medved was a founder and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at MERET Optical Communications, Inc. (Santa Monica, CA) between 1982-1991. MERET was an early pioneer in fiber optic communication systems for video transmission which was acquired by the Amoco Corporation (NYSE:BP) in 1990.  Medved then came to Israel where he was part of the founding management team at Accent Software (Nasdaq:ACNTF) where he served as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales between 1992-1994. Accent was later acquired by L&H/Microsoft.

Medved has served on the Boards of various non-profits including Ma’aleh Film School, The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center, Artists and Musicians for Israel, Bnai David Eli, chaired the Aish HaTorah Boneh Yerushalayim and Tel Aviv Dinners and served on the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency and on the Board of Governors of the Jerusalem College of Technology. Medved was recently awarded (May 2015) the “Boneh Zion” award at Israel’s Parliament, by Nefesh b’Nefesh for his contributions to Israel as a new immigrant.

 Medved speaks regularly to groups both in Israel and abroad, and has briefed scores of journalists, business leaders and public officials on Israel’s tech miracle.  George Gilder in his book The Israel Test describes Medved as a “engaging, visionary, pioneering venture capitalist” and traces the origins of his book to meetings he held in Medved’s Jerusalem office. Saul Singer and Dan Senor, in their best- selling book, Start-up Nation  describe Medved as “one of Israel’s legendary business ambassadors….(he) has taken on a role that — in any other country — would typically belong to the local Chamber of Commerce, Minister of Trade, or Foreign Secretary”. According to a profile in the September 24, 2012 Jerusalem Report, Medved speeches combine “breathtaking statistics” with “the knowledge of a consummate insider” and the “arresting skills of a born orator”. The article summarizes the impact on a Medved speech on an international crowd of business executives as follows: “The mesmerizing effect on this cynical gathering of hard-bitten executives is palpable. If Medved was hawking a new religion, he would win a roomful of converts tonight”.

Medved is a frequent guest and commentator on US and Global TV (PBS, CNN, CNBC, BNN, Bloomberg, CBN, CBC, BBC, ReutersTV, CCTV, etc), and was featured in the documentary movie “Israel Inside”, the recent CBN series “Made in Israel”, and the Charlie Rose Show. Medved appears regularly on US talk radio including Israel commentary on his brother’s show, The Michael Medved Show and his writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Jerusalem Post,, and

Jon lives in Jerusalem with his wife Jane and his four children and eight grandchildren, where he collects rare single malts and loud Hawaiian shirts.

Jon Medved’s interview on the Charlie Rose show can be seen here:



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Ms. Hagit Adler

Nestle Professional Country Business Manager Israel-
Out Of Home manager Business development & innovation manager for Osem-Nestle

Osem-Nestle – CEO Bonjour

Osem-Nestle- CEO  Beverage & bakery division

Tnuva- Tnuva is the largest food conglomerate in Israel.

V.P. business operations.

Directorship: Sunfrost Maadanot (frozen food), Harduf (organic food), Tnuva Rumania (dairy business in Rumania).

Tnuva Dairy division

2004 – 2008 Marketing & R&D Director, Dairy Division (reporting to CEO)

1999 – 2003 Deputy Marketing Manager and Business development manager (CEO reporting).



Fischer Pharmaceuticals is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced health care preparations in the fields of dermatology, ophthalmology and nutraceuticals. (~50 Million USD business).

1992 – 1995 Marketing manager

1990 – 1992 Medical representative


Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.), Tel Aviv University, Israel

The faculty of management – The Leon Recanati Graduate School
of Business Administration.B.Sc. in Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

 עשר שנים מנכל”ית באסם, לפני 13 שנה בתנובה בתפקידי ניהול בכירים בתשלובת החלב של תנובה ולפני תנובה 5 שנים בחברת ד”ר פישר בתפקידי שיווק

תואר ראשון מדעי החיים באוניברסיטת תל אביב ותואר שני במנהל מערכות בריאות באוניברסיטת תל אביב

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Mr. Ron Stern


Ron has over twelve years’ experience working in Growth Equity and Venture Capital investing, predominantly with Israeli related companies. Ron was a seven year partner with Shamrock (Disney) where he built the Israeli investing team and facilitated four IPO’s of Shamrock’s portfolio companies. Ron later served as a scout for Kleiner Perkins and was a senior international advisor to the Pritzker Group. Ron’s operational experience includes serving as CFO of Adgorithms, an Israel based AI marketing company, which Ron helped take public on the London Stock Exchange, raising over $40 million to the company and its shareholders.

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Mr. Gidi Stein, MD PhD


Gidi is a serial entrepreneur, practicing physician, specializing in Internal Medicine and faculty member at Tel Aviv University. Early in his career, he served as Co-Founder and CTO of several algorithm-rich startup companies in Israel. Gidi holds a PhD in Computational Biology.

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Ms. Shany Adam

Shany is an experienced Investor Relations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial industry.

Before joining OurCrowd, Shany worked in the Alternative Capital Markets Group, and served as Investor Relation Manager in Israeli Hedge fund -Noked Capital. Throughout her role, she was responsible for the sourcing, creating, marketing and providing ongoing investor relations for the alternative investments.

Before Noked Capital Shany served as Manager of advisor relations at Excellence Nessuah Investment House, Managing the Advisor Relations for the Mutual Funds at Bank Leumi.

Shany holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya.


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Mr. David Kahan


David is a veteran of five start-ups with history of effective management and successful exits. David holds a JD from Yale Law School and a BA from Columbia College.


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Mr. Shlomo Nimrodi


With many years of experience leading multiple global companies in a diverse range of industries. Shlomo led three IPO’s and was involved with several M&A transactions. Indigo was one of the companies Shlomo served as the CFO and COO, during its most critical years toward becoming a world prominent player in the digital printing market. Shlomo spent the past seven years as the CEO of Ramot, the Business Engagement Center of Tel Aviv University, the single largest research institution in Israel, leading the innovations and entrepreneurship, resulted in the formation of more than 60 startups and licensing hundreds of technologies to multi-national companies in wide range of industries around the world.



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Mr. Yanki Margalit

Yanki was born in Israel in 1962. He built his first computer at the age of 14, started his first business at 15, and was kicked out of school at 17.

Yanki has been engaged with Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security for more than thirty years. In 1984 he developed KnowPro, an Artificial Intelligence software program to help human experts in their decision-making processes. To protect his software against piracy and illegal use, Yanki invented HASP, a hardware-based software protection key. With these two products he started Aladdin Knowledge Systems in 1985.

Under his leadership as Chairman and CEO, Aladdin grew to become a profitable global company (Nasdaq/ALDN) employing 600 people in ten countries and serving tens of thousands of software developers and corporate clients around the world. In 2009, with US$150M in annual sales, Aladdin was acquired by a US private-equity fund.

Since then, Yanki has been busy thinking and speaking about technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and human evolution, while nurturing a new love affair with molecular biology and biotechnology.  His most popular lecture is titled – “Entrepreneurship, Technology, Evolution, and Singularity”.

From 2011 to 2015 Yanki was the Chairman of SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit organization competing in the Google Lunar X-prize, with the goal of landing a spaceship on the moon by the year 2018.

Yanki is an investor in several technology companies. He is currently involved with a Singularity Incubator that will seek to support and nourish early-stage technology start-ups that aim to address humanity’s greatest challenges and improve our lives.

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Adv. Amit Hadad

Adv. Amit Hadad is a founding partner and the head of Hadad Roth & Co., and is considered one of the most prominent and leading lawyers in the State of Israel. He is renowned for leading some of the most complex and well-known civil litigation and white collar cases in the Israeli economy.

For many years, Amit was a close associate of the late Dr. Adv. Jacob Weinroth, a leading figure in the legal field in Israel, and whom he considered a teacher, a mentor and a full-fledged family member. Since his death, Amit has been careful to instill and preserve the legacy of Jacob Weinroth in the firm, in the pursuit of excellence and in his inexhaustible desire to constantly learn and develop.

Amit has extensive expertise in various fields of law, and he accompanies high profile clients, public figures, senior executives, business people and leading companies in the market, on a wide range of issues that are at the center of the public and legal discourse in Israel. Among his distinguished clients are the following: ·         Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.·         Boaz Harpaz.·         Tali Keidar (within the Yisrael Beiteinu affair).·         The singers Eyal Golan and Kobi Peretz.·         Defendants in the Ronel Fisher case.·         Bentzi Lieberman, former director general of the Israel Lands Authority.·         Einat Kalish, Mayor of Haifa.·         Danny Dankner.·         Former MK and Minister of Defense, the late Binyamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer.·         The company Spacecom and its CEO.·         The Mayor of Upper Nazareth, Shimon Gapso.


In addition, Amit represents businesspeople and some of the largest companies in the economy, including: •         Israeli Mills Company Ltd.•         Migdal Insurance Company.•         Mark and Jackie Schimmel.•         Yated Ne’eman Newspaper. Amit values ​​uncompromising excellence and professionalism, and provides his clients with comprehensive and personal service while placing their customers’ interests at the top of his priorities. Amit has the ability to identify the customers’ distress and to find the most suitable solution for them – while adapting to each customer personally – putting himself in their shoes, feeling their pain and joy.Amit completed his internship with Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy.Over the past decade, Amit has repeatedly been selected as one of the most promising lawyers in the State of Israel, by The Marker, Forbes Magazine and more. EducationLL.B., magna cum laude, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.M.A. in Criminology, with honors, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Languages: Hebrew, English


עו”ד עמית חדד הינו שותף מייסד וראש משרד חדד רוט ושות’, ונחשב לאחד מעורכי הדין הבולטים והמובילים במדינת ישראל, תוך שהוא מוביל ביד בטוחה תיקי ליטיגציה אזרחית וצווארון לבן מהמורכבים והמוכרים שמתנהלים במשק הישראלי.

במשך שנים, היה עמית יד ימינו של ד”ר יעקב וינרוט ז”ל, מענקי המשפט בישראל, והחשיב אותו כמורה, כמנטור וכבן משפחה לכל דבר. מאז מותו מקפיד עמית להנחיל ולשמר את המורשת של יעקב וינרוט ז”ל במשרד, בשאיפה למצוינות וברצון הבלתי נדלה ללמוד ולהתפתח כל העת.

לעמית מומחיות ענפה בשלל תחומי המשפט, והוא מלווה לקוחות בעלי פרופיל גבוה, אנשי ציבור, בכירים, אנשי עסקים וחברות מובילות במשק, במגוון רחב של נושאים הנמצאים במרכז השיח הציבורי והמשפטי בישראל. בין לקוחותיו:

  • ראש הממשלה, בנימין נתניהו.
  • בעז הרפז.
  • טלי קידר (במסגרת פרשת ישראל ביתנו).
  • הזמרים אייל גולן וקובי פרץ.
  • נאשמים בפרשת רונאל פישר.
  • בנצי ליברמן, לשעבר מנכ”ל רשות מקרקעי ישראל.
  • עינת קליש, ראש עירית חיפה.
  • דני דנקנר.
  • ח”כ ושר הביטחון לשעבר בנימין (פואד) בן אליעזר ז”ל.
  • חברת חלל תקשורת ומנכ”ל החברה.
  • ראש עיריית נצרת עילית, שמעון גפסו.

עמית גם מייצג אנשי עסקים וחברות מהגדולות במשק, ובכלל זה:

  • חברת טחנות ישראליות בע”מ.
  • חברת הביטוח מגדל.
  • אנשי העסקים מארק וג’קי שימל.
  • עיתון יתד נאמן.

עמית דוגל בערכים של מצוינות ומקצועיות חסרת פשרות, ומעניק ללקוחותיו שירות מקיף ואישי תוך הצבת האינטרסים של לקוחותיו בראש סדר העדיפויות. לעמית היכולת לזהות את המצוקה של הלקוח ולמצוא את הפתרון המתאים ביותר עבורו – תוך שהוא מתאים לכל לקוח את הליווי באופן אישי, שם את עצמו בנעליו, כואב את כאבו ושמח את שמחתו.

את התמחותו ביצע עמית אצל שופט בית המשפט העליון אדמונד לוי.

בעשור האחרון נבחר עמית שוב ושוב ברשימות שונות כאחד מעורכי הדין המבטיחים במדינת ישראל, לרבות על ידי עיתון ‘דה מרקר’, מגזין ‘פורבס’ ועוד.


תואר ראשון במשפטים (LL.B) בהצטיינות, האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים.

תואר שני בקרימינולוגיה (M.A) בהצטיינות, האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים.


עברית, אנגלית




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Mr. Yoel Cheshin

Yoel believes in bringing to life a new kind of corporate world, combining social and business to maximize financial gain. As the founder and chairman of the investment platform 2B-Group, Yoel has seen this magic happen for the group’s portfolio companies. By aligning all of the corporate components synergistically, greater benefits are reaped for both stakeholders and shareholders. Yoel’s leadership focuses on fusing together social morals with strong business acumen, and supports outstanding values-driven entrepreneurs who are mission oriented in implementing human-centric innovation.

Founded in 2011, 2B-Group redesigns corporates to serve as commercial vehicles for promoting basic human rights and freedoms. The fund operates across diverse verticals, through several sub-brands that engage consumers and investors, as the two forces that can reshape corporations. Two of these ventures in which Yoel is most focused, are 2B-Angels and 2B-Community. 2B-Angels is a seed-stage technology venture fund that invested in more than 40 companies, boasting a high-yielding portfolio comprising several impressive exits and startups ranked most promising. 2B-Community is a pioneering category-leader impact investment fund, an authority in the local arena, targeting the power of communities as a double bottom line generator of financial returns alongside social impact.

Other initiatives of the 2B-Group include 2B-Friendly, an NGO promoting social and environmental consumerism to reshape businesses via consumerism, and 2B-Hub, a joint workspace that strengthens Israel’s impact ecosystem. Yoel has also invested as LP in the incubator Takwin Labs, a seed-stage fund nurturing startups led by Israeli-Arab entrepreneurs. The 2B-Group overarching vision reinvents the role of businesses, to gain increased profits while promoting the welfare of the community at large. It generates a powerful synergy by effectively aligning the elements that make up corporations, to maximize returns on all levels.
Yoel holds an LLB (summa cum laude) from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was a research associate and lecturer at Tel Aviv University and The Hebrew University. His research areas included ethnic conflict, protection of minorities, human rights, political theory, and judiciary law, while primarily focusing on corporate law. He has developed various models, currently put into practice at 2B-Group to treat corporations as a unified holistic entity. A prominent panelist and lecturer, Yoel has been repeatedly listed as a key entrepreneurial figure in Israel by distinguished indices and ranking magazines. Among other activities, he is a Kauffman Fellow (Class 20), a fellow of the prestigious MAOZ program that aims to develop and network change-makers in Israel, and is a JFN board member. He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife Dana and their two children Abigail and Uri.

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