About DC Finance

DC Finance (www.dc-finance.com) builds an international network of high net worth individuals, family offices, and investors for mutual growth and support through first tier events worldwide.

DC Finance is a leading financial conference organizer reaching over 1,000 families worldwide representing over $300 Billion USD. in the US alone the firm reaches over 400 families representing $200 Billion USD.

Known for our strict registration policy, our unique topic discussion, and world-class speakers, we have built a brand that is considered one of the best in its field.

In the US, we hold our flagship East Coast Family Office & Wealth Management Conference with over 250 attendees representing over $100 billion (www.nyc-wealth.com), The High Tech & Innovation Family Office New York Meeting – the only tech investing dedicated event for HNW & FOs (www.thenycmeetings.com), The Texas Series of Family Office Conferences in Dallas and Houston, The Pre-Art Basel Florida Family Office Conference in South Beach that continues all along the Art Basel week (www.wealth-florida.com) and The Family Office Real Estate NYC Meeting (www.wealth-realestate.com) and the Chicago conference (www.chicago-wealth.com).

In the UK we hold The London Family Office & Wealth Management Conference (www.london-wealth.com).

In Israel we have established seven of the country’s top financial conferences: The Semi-Annual Economic Conference; The Going Public Abroad Annual Conference; The Annual Securities Offering Convention; The Kibbutz Industries Annual Economic Conference; The Annual Corporate Finance Conference (www.israel-finance.com); the Tel Aviv Institutional Investment Conference (www.tlvii.com) and The Annual Family Office & Wealth Management Conference which is considered one the world’s largest conferences in this field (www.israelwealth.com).


The conference agenda will cover such topics as single vs. multi-family offices, the crisis of trust, building the next generation, family views on different issues, multi-family office investment philosophies, portfolio construction, private equity, real estate projects, investment in distressed securities, asset allocation models, legal and accounting issues in the life of the family and taxation strategies.

About The Israeli Market:

We estimate that there are more than 12,000 HNWI in Israel that find family wealth management important, especially after a fruitful decade that produced hundreds of young millionaires from the High-Tech and financial sectors. As one of the largest foreign countries in terms of IPOs on the NASDAQ, Israel has produced hundreds of new HNWI that either owned or worked for companies that went public.
Also, Israel’s very recent flexible tax regime is attracting new Jewish ultra and high net worth individuals to relocate and transfer their assets here. Finally, as a young country, the “old money owners”, are reaching the 3rd generation stage that is the most challenging generation that requires professional advisory in many fields.
According to Merrill Lynch and Cap Gemini’s World Wealth Report, the number of millionaires in Israel leapt 20.6% in 2010 to a total of 10,153 individuals with liquid assets of at least $1 million, 20.6% more than the 8,419 millionaires in 2009. The millionaires’ aggregate disposable income rose to $52 Billion in 2010 from $43 billion in 2009. The average high net worth individual in Israel had liquid assets of $5 million in 2009.

The number of multi-millionaires in Israel (with financial assets of at least $30 million) increased by 16 to 99 last year, and their combined wealth totalled $19 Billion USD.
The numbers of HNWI in Israel has been growing each year, but due to the purchase of ML in Israel, this research with has ceased and so we unfortunately cannot provide exact numbers to this market in 2015.

Sigal Shapira, head of private banking at Merrill Lynch Israel, listed the following reasons for the jump in the number of millionaires in Israel: Israel’s economic growth of 4.5% in 2010, a booming stock market and higher real estate prices.

The investment portfolios of Israel’s millionaires are characterized by geographical diversification, with a focus on high-growth markets. During 2010, they reduced their cash holdings as of year-end 2009 to invest in riskier areas including potentially high-yielding stocks, commodities and bonds of developing nations, she said

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