The Israeli Market

As one of the largest foreign countries in terms of IPOs on the NASDAQ, Israel has produced hundreds of new HNWI that either owned or worked for companies that went public.

Israel’s very recent flexible tax regime is attracting new Jewish ultra and high net worth individuals to relocate and transfer their assets to Israel. Furthermore, as a young country, the “old money owners” are reaching the 3rd generation stage that is the most challenging generation that requires professional advisory in many fields.

Israel has seventy-one billionaires as of 2021, with one of the highest per capita rates in the world, at 6.7 billionaires for every million people.

Jewish state ranks 23rd worldwide in total number of wealthy people, and Israelis gained more assets in the past year than the citizens of almost any other country.

Israel has about 150,000 millionaires, and its population is getting wealthier quickly, according to a report from the Swiss banking firm Credit Suisse.

Israel ranks 23rd worldwide in its total number of millionaires, and by 2024 is expected to have 173,000 millionaires, representing a growth rate of 32 percent, the annual Global Wealth Report found.

About DC Finance

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The conference agenda covers topics such as single vs. multi-family offices, building the next generation, family views on different issues, multi-family office investment philosophies, portfolio construction, private equity, real estate investment, technology and innovation, alternative assets, asset allocation models and taxation strategies.

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