Mr. Nissim Bar-EL

Mr. Nissim Bar-EL

Founder, Comsec, Business and Social Entrepreneur, A worldwide known pioneer in the field of Cyber Security, The Founder, and Chairman of Yozmot Atid

Nissim is a worldwide known pioneer in the field of Cyber Security. He served as the Founder, CEO and Chairman of ComSec Group until his M&A transaction in 2015. He has been at the forefront of the development of advanced Cyber Security. Nissim has since been serving in executive and board roles in cyber security start-ups in Israel and across the world.


In 2009, Mr. Bar-El began shifting his focus to the philanthropic arena. Nissim serves as   Board Member of Israel's leading welfare charity - Latet,

Nissim concentrates in advocating and developing his philanthropic vision: “From Sderot to Sderot (and back)”, i.e. from the underprivileged municipality of Sderot (as a symbol) to the wealthy Rothschild Boulevard (Sderot) of Tel-Aviv. This vision sees all Israelis as fully capable of succeeding in life, given access to the right tools and skills. This vision facilitated the development of Nissim's flagship initiative in Israeli philanthropy –Yozmot  Atid (Hebrew for: “”Initiating your Future"). In the framework of this initiative, underprivileged Israeli women, from all ethnicities of Israel, such women who were regular clients of Latet's food packages, are provided with business guidance, training and mentorship, as well as with micro-loans, in order to launch, develop and sustain an income generating micro-business. What began as a program within Latet, quickly became an independent NPO under the auspices of Nissim. He serves as the Founder- Chairman of

Guided by his vision, Nissim has established the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Sderot's Sapir Academic College and serves as a Board member of the College

In addition, Nissim is a Board Member and chair of the finance committee at IASA – Israel Arts and Sciences Academy, a boarding school for gifted high-school students situated in Jerusalem.

Nissim Bar-EL is  a member of the Committed To Give initiative for promoting Israeli philanthropy.